Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Universal Cleaning's technician will perform special test to determine the fiber composition  of your upholstery.   Generally most upholstery is either going to be synthetic or natural fibers. Some fibers may be a combination blend of natural and synthetic fibers.  Each fiber has to be tested before any cleaning is done.  Fiber content will determine what type of cleaning products and techniques will be used to achieve maximum soil removal.  This will also determine if heated water or cool water temperatures can be used.  We will also address any potential permanent stains or problems with the upholstery that may need special attention.

Dye testing will be done to ensure the upholstery is color fast so dyes will not migrate during the cleaning process.  If the dyes migrate during the testing a special dye set will be used.  If the dye set is not effective dry cleaning may be performed as the preferred cleaning method.

Step 2: Cleaning Preparation
Upholstery will usually be cleaned inside your home; however, we my choose to set up the cleaning area outside.  We may also elect to clean some types of upholstery at our shop.     

Step 3: High Power Truck Mount Dry Pre-Vacuum
We will dry vacuum your textiles with our powerful truck mounted cleaning machine.  All textile must be vacuumed thoroughly before cleaning for maximum soil removal.  This step will remove all dry soils. 

Step 4: Plant Based Pre-Conditioner
Universal Cleaning uses a plant based hypo allergenic non toxic cleaning solutions to deep clean your upholstery.  This pre-conditioner also does not contain any perfumes or odors know as making agents.  It also do not contain any VOCs, solvents, phosphates, hazardous products, is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

Step 5: Pre-Spot
Difficult spots and stains will be treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.

Step 6:  Pre-Agitation
Textiles will then be gently brushed using soft brushes or towels to loosen the soil and achieve maximum soil removal in the extraction.

Step 7: Soil Extraction and Rinse
Universal Cleaning uses a cutting edge extraction tool to extract the suspended soils. Jet less cleaning is the most thorough way to clean upholstery with out over wetting the fibers.  This special tool has a window on the top where the soiled waster coming from the upholstery is visible.  We can detect if more cleaning will be required based on the amount of soil or residue passing by the window.  This system also extracts about 90% of the total rinse solution so your upholstery will dry more quickly. 

Step 8: Post-Neutralize
Textiles are then pH balanced to maintain it’s natural soft feel.  This will also allow for faster drying as well. Balancing the pH is very important in natural fibers because of cellulosic browning may occur or water marking.  Cellulosic browning is a natural brown lignin dye in cotton fibers that disburses during drying process or when too much pH is used to clean.  If too high of a pH us used it can actually chemically burn the upholstery, carpets, and rugs.  

Water marking is caused by over wetting upholstery and not drying it evenly.   

Step 9: Post Spot
Remaining spots and stains will be treated with advanced special stain removal products.

Step 10 Fabric Protection (optional)
To protect your clean upholstery from stains, abrasion and soils it is highly recommended that protector is applied.  This must be done immediately after the cleaning. Fabrics will last longer, normal vacuuming performance will be better because the soils will not bond to textiles and stains will not stain as easy. Most protectors last about 1 year and you will receive a 1 year stain free warranty if Universal Cleaning protects your upholstery.

Anti-Allergen treatments can be applied to upholstery to control allergens for up to a year.

UV Protector can be applied to protect textiles from sun fading which can happen to furniture exposed to high levels of sunlight like patio furniture.   

Step 11: Post Groom
Fabrics will be lightly brushed with a special fabric brush to make the appearance uniform.  Post grooming will also reduce drying times. 

Step 12: High Speed Dry
High speed air movers will be placed around the upholstery to speed up the drying process. This also eliminates water marking because of the rapid drying.

Step 13: Post Cleaning Inspection
Universal Cleaning’s technician will review the professional cleaning with you to insure that  all your expectations have been met or exceeded.