You Can Have The Cleanest Home in Raleigh with our Professional Home Cleaning Services!!!

Universal Cleaning's exclusive home cleaning service will not only keep your home looking its best from top to bottom, but will also help you maintain a healthier indoor environment. John Alderson the owner is a IICRC Master Cleaner and has 20 certifications the cleaning and restoration industry.  This will ensure that superior cleaning will be performed. 

Universal Cleaning is fully licensed, bonded and fully insured for your protection.  Warning: Do not use contractors that do not have workers compensation or liability insurance.  All of our employees are background checked. Universal Cleaning also has a A+ rating with the BBB with no complaints.

Universal Cleaning provides all of its own high quality cleaning supplies unless you have something special you prefer to use.  Universal Cleaning utilizes SEBO vacuums with HEPA filtration that filters 99.9% of all pollens, dust mites, bacteria and pollutants. Just like buying a high quality air filter for your air conditioner it is essential to have HEPA filters on your vacuum to control contaminates from being blown back into the air.  Universal Cleaning’s SEBO vacuums have such high standards that they are used in most hospitals today. Universal Cleaning also doesn’t re-circulate dust in your home – we remove it with our electrostatic-charged dust cloths.

Universal Cleaning also uses HEPA backpack vacuums to vacuum surfaces to remove dust and soil from your home as well.

Each crew is a two person team so your cleaning will not take extended amounts of time to do a professional home cleaning.  You will get the same cleaning crew each time we clean your home, we do not rotate employees, schedules or use sub-contractors.  We can be as thorough as you like or if you only prefer basic cleaning just let us know.  Universal Cleaning can customize a plan for your cleaning needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service, spring cleaning or move in/out cleaning. 

Universal Cleaning also uses Ionized water to clean and disinfect surfaces. This is plain old tap water until our advanced Ionator sprayers convert the water ionized water. This super charged water then is sprayed on surfaces in your home and is more effective than the use of chemicals. Basically this supercharged  water electrocuties bacteria and destroys the cells. Then the water is wiped up with micro fiber cloths. The Ionators don't leave behind any residues,  chemicals or odors. Simply amazing!!!!

Universal Cleaning 12 Step Home Cleaning System will have your home professionally cleaned and provide a healthier environment.

Step 1: FREE Pre-Inspection
Universal Cleaning  will perform a complete thorough home cleaning inspection.  We will tour your home and then customize a systematic plan based on your needs.  

Step 2: Cleaning Preparation
Your two cleaning technicians will informed about your cleaning needs.  Universal Cleaning does not rotate cleaning technicians. You will always get the same cleaning technicians to guarantee consistent cleaning results.

Step 3: Bathroom Cleaning
One cleaning technician will clean bathrooms.  Bathrooms will be cleaned from top to bottom.  All exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces will be cleaned.  Showers and tubs will be cleaned. Toilets will be cleaned with a disinfectant.  Exterior cabinets will be cleaned.  Interior cabinets can be cleaned upon request. Finally baseboards will be cleaned and floors will be HEPA vacuumed/mopped or both. Light switch plates will be cleaned. Light fixtures will be cleaned and mirrors will be cleaned.  

Step 4: Kitchen Cleaning
The second cleaning technician will clean the kitchen. Kitchen will be cleaned from top to bottom.  All exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces will be cleaned.  Exterior cabinets will be cleaned.  Interior cabinets can be cleaned upon request. Microwaves exterior and exterior will be cleaned.  Any dishes will be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.  Refrigerator and oven appliances exterior will be cleaned and stainless appliances will be polished. Universal Cleaning can also clean inside your refrigerator and oven upon request. All floors will be HEPA vacuumed/mopped or both. Light switch plates will be cleaned.  

 Step 5: Living Space and Bedrooms
Universal Cleaning utilizes static dust cloths to remove dust from your home.  All of living spaces will be dusted clockwise to ensure thorough dusting. High dusting will be done to remove any spider webs.  Small items will be dusted and underneath. All floors will be HEPA vacuumed/mopped.  Upholstery can be HEPA vacuumed upon request and bedding can be changed. Universal Cleaning can also HEPA vacuum your mattress to remove dust mites and dander.  Base boards will be cleaned as needed. Interior and exterior windows can be cleaned upon request with a quote.  Window blinds and sills will be dusted as needed. Light switch plates will be cleaned.  

Step 6: Special Requests
At any time you can call our office to request any additional services.  If you have a cleaning project that needs to be done just let us know.

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