Is Carpet Healthy or Unhealthy?

By John Alderson

Are dust mites, mold and other bacteria invading your indoor air, carpeting, rugs, mattresses, upholstery and ducts?   These contaminates can make you sick and cause some serious long term health effects if they are not removed from your home on a regular basis.  Carpeting, rugs and other home furnishings are usually blamed as a source for these harmful contaminants.  Soiled carpeting can be an excellent breeding environment for these indoor-air contaminants and bacteria, especially if you don’t use your air conditioner to control the amount of moisture in the home.

All this bad news on carpet is probably making you think about grabbing a few garbage bags and tearing it out… but wait!!!  Indoor dust, bacteria, pollution, pollens, mold spores and other air contaminants gravitate towards your flooring and finally settle. Carpet is the biggest filter in the home – acting just like an air conditioner filter.  It traps just about everything and keeps it from being blown around the indoor air. Wood floors don’t trap anything, so just walking around your home is stirring up everything that has settled.  Not to mention your pets too! 

Cleaning your carpet every 6 to 12 months can have tremendous positive effect as you may know, or may not know!  Keeping it properly maintained can have a major affect on the indoor air you breathe and overall quality of life too. Just like your car’s engine and oil filters needs to be changed to remain effective, your carpet needs to be cleaned regularly to continue filtering your indoor air. That fluffy carpet is not so bad after all and serves as a great trap for allergens and bacteria.

  We often hear at Universal Cleaning Services how our clients have reduction in allergies after we clean.  Here are a few simple steps to keep the indoor air your family breathes healthy. This will also help with a lot of allergy symptoms and maybe help reduce amount of allergy medications you may be taking.

1.   HVAC filters need to be changed every 1-3 months (depending on the filter)
2.   Use higher quality filters, they last longer, and will keep you home more dust free
3.   Keep humidity at 50% or below. Above that and bacteria and mold grow and spread
4.   Vacuum your home once per person per week with HEPA vacuums
5.   Clean spills as soon as possible, the long they sit the harder they are to remove
6.   If you discover mold have it professionally removed immediately
7.   Professionally clean your carpet every 6 or 12 months.
8.   Professionally clean your area rugs every 2 years
9.   Clean pet stains up quickly; the longer they sit the more damage will occur

Universal Cleaning specializes in cleaning for health so give us a call if you need our professional services.  We have special allergy treatments that are Guaranteed to keep allergens under control for up to six months after we have cleaned carpets. Call us today for a FREE healthy home audit at 919-602-5592


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